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rodney howard browne

Many months and weeks of preparation have gone into putting together this past Sunday’s holiday outreach. It’s taken hundreds of helpers and faithful servants to accomplish what this ministry has done. I personally have seen all of this labor and preparation first hand and have finally seen the fruit of my labor! Week after week being a second year River Bible School student, I have gone out on the streets knocking door to door telling people not only about Jesus, but also sharing the news about our Operation Raven- Food and Toy Distribution Outreach. I’ve had the privilege of inviting people from many different nationalities and different religious and financial backgrounds.

I served in the Ushers Club last Sunday and for the first part of the service I was greeting people, welcoming them, and helping them find the best possible seat. I’ve never been in that position before but I found great joy in recognizing new and old faces and personally welcoming them to church that morning. There was one woman in particular that I have gotten to know these past few weeks of being part of the Ushers Club every Sunday. Her name is Sharon and she comes with her boyfriend every Sunday. I’ve helped her answer the alter call a few Sundays back and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference. She’s beaming with the love of God and you can tell she’s receiving everything the River pours into her. She walked into the foyer and I welcomed her with a hug. Something was different about her that day though and I couldn’t figure it out. She finally told me- she used to need a walker in order to walk around but her body is healing and now she only using a cane!! The Lord is touching her body and we just started praising the Lord in the foyer of the church! We had our own revival service before church even started!

Along with greeting people in the beginning of the service, I also was in the front when the altar call took place to hand out tissues and to usher people to the front. It blessed me to see people coming from all corners of the church to answer the call the accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior of their life. All those times when I was out on the streets compelling people to come, it was all worth it for just those couple of minutes of people surrendering their life to the Lord. If all the work was just for one soul- it would have been worth it. Last Sunday’s service made an eternal difference on not only my life- but on all who were in attendance. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does next through this ministry!


Jessica P

Great Awakening Tour City #1 Humble, Texas

I have listened to your stewardship series and testimonies about living by faith, living to give, living off of your giving, and believing God for big things. I was most impressed by the testimony of Debbie Rich also. As soon as I bought my car, I knew it would be a seed to sow when I finished paying for it. I finished paying for it in August of 2006. Before I came to the minister’s conference, God told me to sow it as a seed to my church here in Galveston. My pastor owns a car lot here. His partner caught the vision and gave one of his cars off the lot to a minister to go to Mexico to a conference in his hometown. One of my friends caught the vision and gave her van to the church she attends for the youth ministry to go places.

When I got back from the minister’s conference, I touched and agreed with the pastor that the Lord would send somebody to pay cash for that car. That same day the Lord healed him of diabetes, and last month, somebody came up to him and offered him cash for the car at only $500 less than the book value. I do not call my brother ‘Reverend Bill’ anymore–I call him ‘Raven Bill’ because he let me use his truck until I receive my car. I am friends with a couple who are missionaries to the Phillipines. They will be moving to the Phillipines this year. I will pick up the notes on their car when they leave America to go to the Phillipines full-time. These are exciting times for me because I am stepping out on faith in God. I withdrew part of my retirement money and have invested part of it into the kingdom of God. I remember when you spoke on that God WILL take care of you in your old age. I have cast my bread upon the waters. I know I will see a great return, because I truly am believing God for big things.

Great Awakening Tour City #17 Tulsa, Oklahoma

Great Awakening Tour City #17 Tulsa, Oklahoma

I was set on fire with soul winning my 1st day in tulsa at ghetto ,my goal was 10 and i reaped 18 souls. total sould won for me was 75 in 3 days. i was set on fire with holy laughter in each meeting. i want to know how to order the dvd discs for giving out for new converts pam mason

I am so excited about my I ipod! I take it everywhere I go. I also like the podcasts also. It reaches out to us personally even though we don’t know you personally and keeps us informed and encouraged about what God is doing. I also now have roadrunner so I can watch you live. It is almost like being there. That is so amazing how God gave you ideas and witty inventions. I saw how you were in one place and calling the people out in Ocala.

That was just great! It is just wonderful to see the anointing transferred! There is no limit to what God can do! I just want to let both of you know that I love you and I am praying for you that God will continue to use you mightily in these last days more and more not only to touch my life, but to touch others all around the world. I want to do my part to help send you around the world, not just physically, but digitally through the media of television and the internet. Some of my family and friends think that I am ‘out there’, but I feel like I am just getting started. I feel like I am behind time and have to catch up to be where God wants me to be in my faith so I can reach ‘my world’ for God.

Pam m
kearney Nebraska United States

This Morning’s Early Worship 11-4-07

This Morning’s Early Worship 11-4-07

As I listened to Pastor Rodney share, during this morning’s worship service, about the battles
GOD TOUCHED ME AT HOME, RIGHT IN MY HOUSE, when i was young or not old enough to live my born family, I had a lot to deal with but God changed everything.To me its suprizing to look at my life and just say, i had a lot to deal with because if you would have met me plenty years back, i wouldve said i had nothing to live for, i wouldve said nobody cares about me, i would have been in drugs, i would have been a completely different destroyed, unconfident little girl that had a deep sense of self destruction and depression. Now when people met me they cannot see a trace of my old life and some people actually dont believe i ever went through anything at all because of the grace of God!!!! my life has been changed, not just me, God gave me a beautiful life, a loyal and faithful husband i thought id never have, my dad finally LOVES ME, YOU KNOW IT WAS SO HEARTBREAKING, MY LIFE BEFORE, MY LIFE RIGHT NOW STILL ISNT PERFECT BUT I KNOW IT COULD BE AND IT SHOULD BE BECAUSE I SHOULD BE MORE INVOLVED WITH GODS DOINGS, I HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT, I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL GOD SENT VOICE SO WHY DONT I USE IT? THIS IS NOT ONLY A TESTIMONY BUT A PRAYER REQUEST BECAUSE I NEED TO BE MORE ON FIRE FOR GOD SO IM ASKING ANYONE WHO WOULD CARE TO PRAY FOR ME TO FIND A WAY TO GO TO THIS COLLEGE, THANK YOU, GOD BLESS YA FOR WHAT YA ARE DOING!!!!!

Lakeland Florida United States