Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | Chimene J Testimony

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WOW. Today was amazing! I was able to lead 12 people to the Lord. I have never felt this boldness in my entire life. What amazed me the most was that I was able to witness to young people and they would pray w/ me inspite of where we were. I was like,”Thank you God for boldness and for saving your children”. And even though some did’nt accept Christ(already saved)they still allowed me to pray for them. I never knew it was so easy;so simple and so short. I was so focused on souls for Christ that I didn’t even care about how freaky I must look to other people OMG!!!!. This was friggin whoa! I am going to keep sharing and I will no longer hide the hope that I have inside like,all of a sudden I no longer see just people;I see souls in need of salvation or just prayer. WOW.-Chimene Jackson

Chimene J
Maryland United States

Matters of the Heart

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One of the most important lessons that I learned from this class is to stay humble in every situation. I must remember to remain little in my own eyes. Humility is a great way of keeping the devil from being able to tick me off by leading me in something that is not Godly. (Anger, strife, fighting, lying, etc)

I also learned that it is vital to have character. Character will take you a long way. The anointing will get us to a place but it is character that will keep us at that place. With Godly character, we will be able to bear Godly fruit and fruit that will remain.

In the Matters of the Heart, I learned to put a great emphasis on the Word of God. I learned that the Word of God is our anchor; it is our light, and our source of direction. We must keep the Word of God in our eyes, ears and heart. Through this class, I was able to get an understanding of God’s Word being life and health to our lives.

I learned how important it is to guard my heart with all diligence with the Word of God. I must never twist God’s Word and try to make it say what I want it to say. The class gave me an awareness that when people twist the Word of God, cults and all kinds of false doctrines will develop.

It is not good enough to just hear God’s Word, but it is very important that we are doing His Word so we will not deceive ourselves. We are to never allow the Word to depart from our eyes because it is the Word that will teach us how to prosper and lead a victorious life!

Pastor Adonica left us with a very good nugget for life in regards to family and friends: We are responsible for ourselves and we are responsible to everyone else (family, friends, etc.)! Thanks to Rodney Howard Browne.

Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | Victor P Testimony

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Streets Lead a young couple to the Lord from Russia today after taking a picture of them with their camera. They then asked someone else to take a picture with me. Also lead another two friends to the Lord after taking their picture using the spanish survey and pole for the first time. Streets First time going out. Goal of 20 spoke to 23 & 15 said yes to Christ. Awesome experience. Our leader Sheree was wonderful. A young man got saved. His grandma just prayed for him. Streets -Took of work to win souls -Guy accepts the Lord-seemed sad now Happy -Young man-jobcorp-accepted Christ.

Victor P
District of Columbia United States

Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex

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We came to the GAT in Upper Marlboro. We went into the nursing homes for 2 days. Friday evening, we went to Ocean City, Maryland. We go there to the Son Spot once a month. We went to the nursing home a few miles away from Ocean City. 4 people went with us. My husband Blaine took 2 teenagers and trained them to use the script. I trained 2 ladies but they ended up doing their own thing, even after watching what God was doing. A total of 43 people gave their lives to the Lord. We want to go back the next time we go to Ocean City. Today, we took a homeless man to a picnic the Son Spot was having. I led him to the Lord. He said his name was “Mud” I went through the script and I asked the Lord to bless “Mud” It was kind of funny. After he prayed, I asked him what his real name was, he told me “Bud” My husband told him the Lord changed his name from Mud to Bud. You never know who the Lord will send your way. The pastor’s wife brought an elderly friend to the picnic, her name is “Daisy” She has talked with her and Daisy is afraid to die, she was not sure. My husband did the script with her and she knows for sure that she is on her way to Heaven. She was crying, she was so happy.

Barbara C
Damascus Maryland United States

Great Awakening Tour City #36 BILLINGS, MT | Elizabeth H Testimony

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While on the GAT Baltimore, I went to a nursing home where the activity director wanted to have someone take me room to room to pray for specific patients. The assistant AD went with me as I began to pray for the patients. I learned later that the activity director wanted to make sure that I prayed for those people who never get to see anyone. I prayed for a woman for salvation and healing in her legs. As I turned toward the activity assistant I noted that she was crying and she said “boy, that anointing is really strong.” Turns out the activity assistant was Pentecostal and I was able to pray with all of the patients. I went into another room and asked the woman to blink her eyes if she wanted prayer. The woman was about 30 years old and had a huge scar across her scalp. The woman blinked her eyes and received salvation. Turns out the woman had been in a coma for the past 3 years following a car accident and had been unable to communicate with anyone since that time. I entered another room and prayed with a woman approximately 85 years of age who was sitting in a wheel chair. The activity assistant had walked out of the room. I went through the script with the woman and she verbally repeated the prayer. As I left the activity person returned to the room and said “it was good you prayed for her even though she cannot respond.” I told her that the woman had verbally repeated the prayer of salvation. The activity person was just stunned. She then took me into a room with a man who was apparently close to death. He was not able to verbally respond, but did blink his eyes that he wished to receive salvation. As he blinked the salvation prayer I noted tears running down his cheeks. After I was done praying with the patients she begged me to have someone from the local church come back to pray for the patients. I was also humbled in that I had thought the activity person was going to limit who I was going to be able to pray with. When in reality, she just wanted to make sure I prayed for the people who never get prayer or visitors.

Elizabeth H
Mango Florida United States

Holy Spirit Weekend at The River

I was a mormon. thought life was never funny and could not see the point of the laughter on the programs. i saw richard roberts on program in 1994 and he was laughing and the services are so amazing with the joy the comes over the people. i began to want the joy. on sat the 10th i went to a special service and went to talk to the pastor. i asked about being saved and how to get joy. i then realized the anger i have carried for years from abuse in many directions. heard a message that if you cant forgive, God cant forgive you. i wanted to forgive and to receive forgiveness. i got saved, baptized in holy ghost both in same evening, the next day i saw the broadcast. i called got a nice funny gentleman on the phone.

I prayed and holy spirit laughter came all over me. i began to pray and a song came into my mind i just heard. more of you. more of you, i had it all but what i need more of you. of things ive had my fill and yet i hunger still…. i could not and still cant get the song out of my mind and heart. i cry it in my sleep sometimes but it has consumed me. the guy called me the other day and we laughed so hard my stomach hurt. what a joy in my life. get rid of junk, recieve christ , get holy ghost and fill up. wow.