Winter Camp Meeting | Dzintars Tribuls Testimony

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There were several themes that spoke to me in this campmeeting, but first of all it was really exciting to know so much about Revival Ministries history and possibility to see it from the inside by the words of someone who knows these things better than any other. Sometimes from outside it seems that God has chosen some special people to bless with smooth way to have the great ministry and all kind of blessings that He has in heavenly storage for “The Big Ministers”. And thou you`ve been told that ministry it means work, work, work…in the very deepest corner of brain lives something that tells the story about Gods favorite ones.

The life and 30 year ministry story what pastor Rodney shared during these meetings shed a light on what it really means to built and have a ministry. Thou I had heard life stories of other ministers , I got greatly impressed to hear this one. Passion for God from the early age, willingness and readiness to go thru all kinds of hardships, resistance and opposition from devil and people as well…all of it suddenly became very real- not just from the pages of a book but told personally by pastor Rodney “alive”. Sometimes I got even surprised how openly he spoke about deeply personal emotions. I was touched also by pastor Rodneys integrity, honesty when he shared not the brightest episodes of his life and ministry . I`m sure –not everyone would speak about some things publicly.( getting angry to ministers after New York crusade , for example) While listening to some other stories about what it may cost to have the great victories I got even frightened…Though , thank God , all this campmeeting was not about defeat, loss and unsurpassable hardships but just opposite –about Gods given grace to get through anything alongside with Jesus. These meetings were really encouraging to me. Also I got “additional or extra revelation” about the cost…and how serious it is!

Brazilian Great Awakening Tour City #27 Orlando FL | Debra D Testimony

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A girl who used to go to church but she was lonely, she didn’t think that Claudia would talk to her about Jesus. The girl started crying and said she wanted to accept Jesus. A girl said ” I don’t have time ” said she was catholic-but she went through the script, she accepted Jesus. The script is very easy. One gentleman I talked to who was saved was excited to talk to me because he was having a meeting that eve in which he was going to try to get the people there excited about soulwinning. He said that he hadn’t even planned on going to the mall this afternoon, an that it must have been God that I talked to him I gave him a VCD, script and the flier for the meetings. I talked with an 83 yr old woman who had been sick for 6 months. She said the prayer she had just gotten out of the hospital. I then went to find her twin sister who also said the prayer. As we were waiting to be picked up a couple said the prayer. She then said I must have been an angel because things were a little messed up and they were planning their wedding.

Debra D
Florida United States

Brazilian Great Awakening Tour City #27 Orlando FL | Linda C Testimony

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Hindu festival a hindu man let me pray for him and his entire family he was the father and I prayed the script with 7 his wife and children and other elders in his family that were there. And I gave him a dvd and he took it, other people out there told me they were hindu and would not pray but he told the entire family to pray.

Linda C
unknown Florida United States