Rodney Howard Browne – Carlos T. Testimony

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I have gone to Churches where the “soul winning” is just passing out tracks. I don’t think it’s a bad idea but the Word is clear on how we are to reach out to Gods people in the world today. We are to GO and talk to them lay hands and pray for the sick. When I went with my old church it had been after going with the river and I could see how so many churches are “missing it” when it comes to the great commission or God.

I have learned through the teaching of word and the river that I AM THE TRACK! I am the was who will open my mouth and speak the work which will pierce the hearts of man. This word that comes out will draw them to God and make their rocky hearts of flesh. I Love soul winning and so does my wife we go and God does amazing things out in the streets with us. Why do we sing and pray or get any word if we will not ever tell anyone what we are so happy about? We need to bring them the real Jesus not the Jesus that the religious church of today has show them.

I will go preach the good news all the time to everybody! Whenever there is a super soul winning Saturday I pray you will go check it out. Everyone is so nice and friendly and they will show you how to win souls for Jesus. The first time I went I lead 13 people to the Lord it was amazing!! When people are frowning I will smile, if there rude I will be very nice! We need to be different and show this great love we claim to have at all times. God wants to use you like He used me. Go win should for the kingdom today and be blessed.

Rodney Howard Browne – Willie S. Testimony

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What is happening to me in regard to soul winning as a result of my coming to the River Bible Institute? Soul winning has taken on a new meaning and outlook to me. Being a fourth generation Pentecostal believer rose mostly in church. I have never seen or been involved with a church that really put the rubber where it meets the road, in other words, obeying the scriptures. Mark 16:15, And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, where souls are being saved, and plucked out of a devil’s hell, and brought into the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Signs and wonders are verifying the power of the Gospel that is shared in soul winning, reaching the lost. My life has been radically changed in the way I view my call as a minister of the gospel. Even as I view my vision and mission in the pastoral role in my local church. Soul winning is the inner thread that is woven into the gospel ministry that is necessary to being a living part of the body of Christ.

Soul winning is now forever pressed upon my heart, that it is talked about as I mentor, preached about as I encourage the believers in my local church to go, go, and witness to the lost. Romans 1:16 says, For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth…; to the Jew first and also to the Greek. Without any excuse we have a biblical command to reach all men; soul winning it the recipe given to do so while the time remains, before our Lord’s return.

Soul winning has become a cry of my heart to help bring in the harvest of souls into the kingdom of God. For on that day when I stand before the Lord, I want Him to say, well done thy good and faithful servant, who has been found doing, occupying until I come and call my name.

Rodney Howard Browne – Wesley W. Testimony

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I have been saved for over 20 years and before coming to the River Church I had only led 3 people to the Lord. This was even from a sermon I had preached one Sunday morning and gave an alter call. Up to this point I have never even done a single face to face soul winning prayer of any kind before.

Since coming to the River Church and the River Bible Institute I have become a soul winning machine of leading over 1400 people to the Lord. Soul winning has been made an everyday thing to do now. I am on the search for people that I can talk to. The strange thing is I love talking to people all my life just never had a true FIRE for the Lord and never really understood what it meant to “Preach the Gospel to every Creature on the earth.”

Recently while visiting a local grocery store in Florida I was going thru the line when I saw the woman behind me and she looked like she was trying to count in her head the money she had to buy a few simple things for dinner. At that moment I felt impressed to pay for her groceries. I asked the checker to put them in my bill. The lady behind me asks why I was doing that. I told her that “My daddy told me to bless her.” She responded do you mean God and I smiled and said yes. “Why would God tell you to do that?” I explained to her right then and there in the line with everyone around in the checkout line about the Love of God.

When I was done not only did she receive Christ but so did the checker in the line. Shockingly enough not one person complained about waiting in line while this whole thing took place.

Rodney Howard Browne – Terrence S. Testimony

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Finally! Finally! Finally! The purpose of the church is coming to the forefront. Ever since I committed my life to Jesus I have always thought that our main purpose as believers was to win souls. I have had conversations with people in the past that have told me that soul winning was not the thing that they were supposed to do. But we know.

Soul winning is my life, really, anytime I have become discouraged the Holy Spirit has always led me to win souls, it’s like in John 4 when Jesus was at the well talking to the Samaritan woman and afterwards the disciples came and asked Him to eat and He responded saying in verse 34. My meat is to do the will of Him that sent me, and to finish His work; soul winning brings fulfillment.

When I first came here to the River I had never used a script, so it was a little different, but as I submitted to the way that it is done here I came to realize that it’s not about the script but it’s the gospel and when we preach the gospel people are saved. Not only are they saved but I have seen signs follow, for example just recently along with a team, there was a older guy that we prayed for that had problems walking we laid hands on him, took his cane away and commanded him to walk, and he did, while seeing this healing there was a guy standing to the side that called for us to come over and pray for his knee, which later we found out that he had woke up that morning in excruciating pain and had suffered all day, even in tears.

So we went over laid hands on his knee and I could literally feel virtue flow and with boldness I commanded him to walk and lift his knee and as he did so the pain instantly left completely! This guy begin to walk up and down the street telling everybody that he was healed, he walks back into the liquor/corner store tells everybody inside that, “Yall won’t believe this my knee been hurtin all day and now it don’t.” (By the way everybody around did receive Jesus Christ with the exception of a “Catholic”) I am learning that soul winning brings revival, when every believer steps out and compels men to come then as we work with heaven, heaven will back us up and we will see the miraculous not just in the four walls of the church but everywhere we go.