Rodney Howard Browne – Samuel D. Testimony

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If I were to put down on paper all that Revival Ministries International has done for me, taught me, brought me to; I can confidently say I would be writing not just pages but a book. I came to Florida to this ministry 3 years ago as a different person, I am not, nor will ever be the same again. But now, in this current time of my life, I would say what this ministry is showing me is the integrity and character it takes to attempt ministry and make it in ministry. Many want more anointing, but Pastor’s Rodney and Adonica show me constantly the kind of life you must lead in order to stay on the right path. As they quote many times ‘Your anointing will take you places only your character can keep you.’ People can have an anointing and walk in power but not have any character and eventually they blow up. Pastor Joel Stockstill was recently here and said something that stuck with me, ‘The anointing is not the authentification of your ministry, integrity is.’ Those are very direct and challenging words, but being a young man wanting to embark in ministry I want the truth. I want to know what it is really about, and how you can walk it out. I am learning to have the hide of a rhino and a heart of flesh; meaning to not be hurt easily or let offence in, but to still be tender hearted towards God and people. Pastor’s Rodney and Adonica walk what they preach. They have a set a standard of no compromise, as it should be for all who follow God, but sadly it is not always the case. The Pastor’s lead by example, and by doing so have instilled many important characteristics into my life and continue to do so week in and week out. Putting all of this to a conclusion of some kind, I would simply say Keep Moving Forward.