Rodney Howard Browne – Hannah P. Testimony

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The Great Awakening has had an amazing impact on Tampa already and will continue to impact Tampa and the rest of the world.

People who were are on drugs are now set free; kids who were making poor grades in school and were in fights are now excelling in school and are bringing their friends to church. Families are being changed. Parents are saying, “I can see the difference in my kids. They are not the same!”

I was in the call center where people needing prayer call in to and it is awesome to see and hear what takes place. Phone operators get filled with joy while they pray for the different callers. Many people call in for various reasons. Pastors who are desperate for revival in their cities call in and alcoholics call to be set free from alcoholism and restoration to their families. Some call in for healing and others simply for re-dedication. No matter what the prayer request is, every caller receives the touch of God that they are looking for.

Because I am intern at RMI, I help enter the prayer request into RMI’s data entry and it is heart breaking to read some of the prayer request. There are so many hurting people and it is exciting to know that they are finding answers to their questions and that their lives are being changed.

I know that this Great Awakening will have rippling effects around that globe as more people watch the nightly program and are touched by the Power of God. This is the Great Awakening that the church needs to revive itself and that will usher in the return of Jesus. We are living in the end times and it is a privilege to be in the center of the action.-Hannah P.

The first week of the Great Awaking – Rodney Howard Browne

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

It’s only the first week of the Great Awaking and it has been so powerful. Night after night the presence of God has shown up and lives have been changed. I have been really touched by all the calls coming in and people who are coming down, it gets me so pumped. It just shows how lives are being affected and changed. People are getting saved, healed, delivered, ignited, and baptized in the Holy Spirit. It is the book of Acts happening. This is what we were created for to lift Jesus high and to share Him with a lost and dying world. I know that my life has been changed. I was stilling in service and I could just feel the presence of God. My heart was just crying for more of Him, I just want to be used by Him. The Lord has stirred an even deeper hunger in my heart and  there is no turning back. The Lord began to speak to me, showing me how He is already using me and showing me some of the ways He wants to use me. This is so much bigger than just me or what I imagined for my life. We each play a part from serving and helping in the ministry of helps to sowing financially into to the Gospel. The Lord was showing how vital each part is and as we unite together and do our part that is when we will see the greatest impact. When we unite with one purpose and one vision to see people touched and changed by the presence of God, who knows how big of an impact we will have.- Marijke D