Rodney Howard Browne – Gabriel T. Testimony

Last Friday night was amazing! Pastor Rodney was on fire and the Holy Ghost was falling all over the place.  Its hard when your so use to serving and watching Pastor and waiting to see who he will call out that you don’t press in and receive like you should.  But it was awesome because that night seemed like everything went away and it was just the Lord and I and nothing else.  Nothing else was on my mind, my phone wasn’t going off, I didn’t have to be watching and waiting, nope it was awesome to just be there and just press in.

And I was feeling so dry and like everything that could be wrong was going wrong, I was so hungry and just wanting the Lord and telling him I need him.  And I was getting touched in my seat and weeping and I didn’t know why but I was.  And I was having so many questions about why am I here and I was getting bitter towards some things.  And the Lord just dealt with me on those things.  And I’m so thankful for that night.

Then Tuesday night Pastor Allen wanted the youth managing the call center.  I was pretty nervous cause I’ve never done that but I was like hey why not.  And also cause Pastor Todd said we had to.  So it was so awesome getting to pray for all these different people, and hearing all there stories.  Some we crazy but hey its ok, God loves them to.

But I got to pray with this man whose name is Albert and he’s from California and he called and barley knew English and told me he wanted fire.  So we prayed and the fire of God touched this man and he was laughing so hard I could hear the echo in his house from his phone and he could barely talk.  It was so awesome to be able to be a yielding vessel so that others could be touched.-Gabriel T.

Rodney Howard Browne – Rebecca W. Testimony

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God has been so good to me and my family, my little sister and roommate is a first year RBI student and in the faith class Dean Todd told her to write down what she was believing for and she wrote down furniture for our apartment. We moved in together and had absolutely nothing.

So we did as we were taught in school and linked our faith together and kept speaking our faith out as Pastor Rodney always says to do. This went on for months then just last week I got a call from a friend to see if we still needed furniture because she had three recliners for us.

However when I went to pick the chairs up we ended up with kitchen stuff that was on our faith list and just to super bless us and be totally awesome God also provided us at the hands of my friends a new 32″ digital flat screen television, I never even told anyone I was believing for a new t.v that just proves to me how awesome God is and that he truly does provide for his children.

I’m so excited to see what God has I’m store. The power of God is moving and peopled lives are and are going to be changed and I’m so glad to be a part of it. –Rebecca W.