Rodney Howard Browne – Karla H. Testimony

I’m from southeast Iowa and I was actually planning on taking a year off from school to just work and then try to get into Culinary School. I had attended one year at a community college to play volleyball. I did not walk with God while I was there like I should have. After our season was over I started to feel like my life was a waste because I wasn’t doing anything for anyone else and I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to be or do so I just took classes that would keep my playing ball. The sport was the only thing that I wanted to go to college for.

My parents started watching the Great Awakening Broadcast back in February and I started to get into it around June. I heard about the scholarships and always knew I was going to do something for the Lord but never knew what. I keep praying and asking the Lord daily, ‘do you want me to go to Tampa?’ on a Friday night at church my pastor was praying to everyone and then he came and got me and gave me a word of knowledge, the Lord was telling him that I had a huge life changing question on my mind and that my pastor needed to tell me that the answer to the question is a hug YES! My parents and I were very excited!

The Lord was able to bless me with an apartment and a job all in the same day!

Since I have been here the Lord has shown me many things. I have been convicted to delete every single song on my iPod that isn’t glorifying him and to stop watching any and all shows that will not help me with my walk with Him. He’s helped me to not lust after the college life and want to go and hang out with the wrong crowd. Praise God!!! I have given him some things that have really pulled on my heart offering wise but it’s like there is a peace that he gives me right when it leaves my hand. And I know that he will provide every need that I have. I am VERY excited for this coming year!…Karla H.

Rodney Howard Browne – Jennifer D. Testimony

Then I heard RUN, I got up from my knees to my feet and ran and ran.  I ran outside the building in the lot between buildings.  Then I began screaming and running.  What was going on crossed my mind for a second then I felt my arms above my head flagging all heaven as I screamed and ran.  I didn’t care, I felt so free, so alive.   I felt as if I was wrapped in a fur coat.  Then I collapsed right there on the pavement enveloped, consumed in his presence.

Never in my life would I have thought!  But it happened to me, I know it was real.  I have sowed many more personal things that were of great dollar value but to me the sentimental value was what hurt the most.  But what I am still realizing is that the lord doesn’t want me to find my security in my husband or even the sentimental value of things, but in Him and only in Him.  I have to trust everything to Him.  He needs to be my Security, my everything.

Rodney Howard Browne – Jarrett G. Testimony

Everyday has been so powerful, but one night stands out in particular. In the first week of orientation I had come for the Friday night meeting. I was so physically worn out that I had almost decided not to go, but every pastor each day kept encouraging us to really press in to what the Lord had for us. Pastor Daniel Magee was giving a powerful message that night on walking in freedom and power. I had really been pressing in for breakthrough in the months prior just for freedom to worship and being who God created me to be. At the end of the night after the broadcast was over, I contemplated leaving because of how exhausted I was. Something in me told me to stay and then moments later,

Pastor Daniel was led by the Spirit to give an alter call for those that felt bound by their past condemnation. I ran up. When he laid hands on me, the anointing of God came on me like never before. The Lord spoke these powerful declarations through Pastor Daniel to my heart. “I am free to live a holy and pure life” and “wherever I go is a safe place because my Dad is the King of the universe”.  As the Lord ministered to my heart I began to scream and shout . With every yell, I could feel the bondage being lifted from me. By far, the most amazing night of freedom so far! Seriously, these words don’t do it any justice. Also, this is so sweet, just days before that night I was talking to a friend about the joy and how I hadn’t experienced it yet. Well, as I wandered somehow from the sanctuary to my car that night to drive home (it was about 1 in the morning) the joy hit me in a major way. I laughed and cried hysterically for about 30 min. I don’t even know how I made it home! Thank You Jesus…Jarrett G.

Rodney Howard Browne – Brandon G. Testimony

The soul reason I am attending the River Bible Institute is to learn the word of god, and establish a long lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.  I am moving out of state to devote my life towards the lord.  After high school I wasn’t sure on what I was going to do so I joined the Air Force, after that I proceeded to college, and now I believe I have a calling. With an open heart, and an anxious mind I believe RBI will be the best experience I’ve ever had.

I was saved in early high school; I remember where I was, and who I was with. I’ve always been a strong believer in god, but never took the time to learn his word.  Now I have an opportunity to learn about the Bible, something I’ve wanted to learn all my life. I am the only one of my friends from back home pursuing a degree in theology. My parents are proud, my grandparents are proud, my friends are proud, and I know God is proud.

The time spent here in the last week was so valuable, and rich with information. The word of God and the feeling of his presence are so pure. What I have been getting out of RBI is exactly what I was anticipating. I enjoy learning doctrine, feeling the anointing, and seeing other people get saved. I can feel my relationship with Jesus Christ getting stronger.

Since I’ve moved to Tampa, FL I’ve relied solely on faith to get me by.  God has provided me with friends, a place to stay, and a possible job in the near future. What I experienced since my move has been a blessing from God himself. What seemed impossible is now a reality, and keeps on getting better. With faith, and a solid plan it is certain that with God all things are possible. Brandon G.

Rodney Howard Browne – Naomi H. Testimony

This Pastor said well I wouldn’t discourage you I would certainly encourage you. That many people that go thru the school say it’s the best thing they could have done. So we prayed and this Pastor said go sit in service and was blessed and that I was. Still not fully sure if I was going to go to school or not all the while God already had it all planned out. That same morning Pastor Rodney asked everyone to stand and gave an alter call and said, “If you feel that your suppose to be going to the school or if you didn’t sign up yet due to finances then come up here right now.” Well I stood in my seat not sure if I wanted to do this or not and Pastor Rodney said “There are more of you I no it” come down right now!! So I said ok God if I’m going to do this I have to step out of my comfort zone and put my trust in you!! So I came down and decide that I was going to school.

Like this particular Pastor said so far it’s been one of the best choices I could have made for myself. Since starting school I have learned so many things. I saw that I was relying more on friends then I was God. It took me being taken out of my comfort zone to see that. It was like one of those I had to be taken out of the picture so I could see my own picture but from the outside. I have been taken out of my comfort zone already and am learning to put all my trust in God and no body else but him. Because with God by my side I can get thru anything!! I have made lots of new friends that have helped me thru things that I was going thru by sharing there testimony of things there going thru.

God put who I needed in my path at the time I needed them. I just had to trust in him that he would. I now have a better understanding of things and have grown a lot already in my relationship with God. I had that same friend who told me I should go to the school tell me that I am looking like a total new person. How that since going thru this school so far I have so many more smiles and I just look awesome!! Hearing that encouraged me all the more and encouraged me that I had made the right choice. I am really learning a lot about everything and all the while a lot about my Faith and how to use it more. I no that my God is bigger then any fear I have!! I just have to step out and know that he is there to catch me when I fall. As well as being there with continued encouragement when I have to step out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me thru this next year. I no that the best is yet to come….. Naomi H.