Marlena Testimony

I have always enjoyed academia, the quest for knowledge and the air of learning has appealed to me. I had started watching the Great Awakening in January 2011. As time went on with me watching the Great Awakening Pastor Rodney Howard Brown stated that they were offering scholarships for the academic year 2011- 2012, and I applied for the scholarship. As a result, I was blessed with the scholarship. Since I have been attending the River School of Worship I have been truly blessed. This is a great institution. I am growing spiritually as well as maturing in the ways of God. I am learning how to flow in the anointing, and learning and understanding Gods word because the teaching is awesome. At the same time, I am learning how to live the life that a Christian should live in the eyesight of God. My personal vision is to be able to lead the music ministry and congregation into the presence of the Lord through praise and worship. I want to use all the elements that are acceptable to God. I am being transformed daily. On January 22, 2008 I was in a bad car accident with an 18 wheeler. I know that it was God that spared my life, because my time in this life wasn’t finished yet. There is work for me to do for God’s kingdom. I was in the hospital for four in half months. The doctors didn’t expect me to live, but look at God. My faith and trust in God continues to grow daily while I am attending RSW. The Institution is a school of faith, healing, believing, and trusting in God. If you don’t know God when you arrive, when you leave this great institution you will know the Lord as your personal savior, because God is awesome.