Rodney Howard Browne – Luis S. Testimony

Hosea 4: 6~ My people perish from a lack of knowledge. (KJV). It truly is amazing how many people now of days take that bible scripture lightly. Beginning with my self, I never did really understand that scripture until I began to attend the River Bible Institute. With every day that passes I indulge my self more and more in the word f God to help better my self and also to be able to do good in school. Since I was not the brightest student in high school nor was I the most academically gifted student.

I enrolled in R.B.I. with multiple goals to achieve, one most important one being to do my absolute best in all my study’s and school work and also so graduate at the top of my class. But just as every one around me in my life knows how bad I want this unfortunately so does the devil him self. In all honesty from the moment that I received the call from the administrator letting me know that I had been awarded the scholar ship and had been accepted into The River Bible Institute it is as if almost immediately the devil and his army declared war against me.

I remember out of no where I began to get theses thoughts of doubt and fear and different people around me bean to question my motives as to why I really wanted to get a degree in Theology and also put thoughts into my head through telling me I was waiting my time and that  was going to put two years of my life into something pointless and end up with a degree that would have no way of making any money or bring in any type of income for that fact to be able to help and support my family. As the first day of school began and the first week of revival, I continued  to trust in the all mighty Lord and entrust all my faith upon him.

I must admit the first two weeks of class it was very difficult for me, not s much because the work that would be involved but simply because there were things that were taking place that I was not use to seeing such as curtain ways that they praised God and worshiped, ways that the collected the offering, and just overall the way things were ran. But as a minister used by God once said to me “sometimes those feelings of discomfort are not from the devil, they are just Gods way of pulling us out of our comfort zone and remolding us to the way and standards of the Lord”.

After hearing those words echo in my head I realized that it truly was in Gods plan for me to be attending the RBI school and that it is through the school which God is going to mold e into the servant and soldier that he truly needs for his army to go out to the different nations and shake the corners of the globe with his mighty word and anointing through the knowledge that the Holy Spirit will help me acquire through this excellent school….

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