Rodney Howard Browne – Mary Testimony

Money changers, fractional lending, the exposing of the greed of evil men.  Who would have known such things would be taught in church?  Who could imagine that this is the next step to having the eyes of our hearts flooded with light?  It is not only a lesson in reality critical to the success of our commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel, but a light that shines on my heart to reveal the hidden things I could not see.  It has exposed my admiration of those whom I perceived to be “successful,” because they learned how to gain wealth and power in a corrupt system.  I am talking about people I know and love who “put up with me” because we are family, but are quick to let me know that they think I am weird and they are fully convinced I am in a cult.

It has driven me to my knees (just this morning) to truly forgive them realizing the seriousness of their deception, not only concerning me, but more importantly their love of money and the false security they cling to.


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