The Lord’s Plan

One of the most amazing realizations for a follower in Christ Jesus is that God has a plan for your life. He knows you, loves you, guides you, and sees exactly what you must do in every situation. Not only does He have a will for you, but He also makes it possible for you to grasp what which will is. First, God has a moral will. That is, there are universal truths, for example the 10 Commandments, that apply to every person and lady on earth.

Many of us try to ignore these precepts, but that does not annul them. Rather, these people repeatedly live in a state of rebellion against the will of their Creator. Second, God has a private will. This indicates that he has got a precise will for each individual. His plan for you is totally different than His plan for me.

Both are God-given, but customized for our own unique personalities. Because each person makes mess ups, we will see that God’s private will contains some unproven qualities.

If we step outside of God’s will, does that suggest we will never again get on track with the Lord? No, naturally not. Rather, God chooses to work inside our lives, guiding us thru whatever circumstances we are facing.

When we slip up, he’s employed thru that mistake to bring us back in line with His will. His truth never changes, but His techniques of bringing us into that truth re-form according to our situation. Don’t let your difficulties keep you out of His plan for your life. He wants to use your experiences to strengthen you for the future. One more thing.

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